The Boys Showrunner Explains What Makes Jensen Ackles the Perfect Soldier

The Boys new season of Boys of Boys has just arrived on Prime Video and many fans are talking about Jensen Ackles as a child soldier. Former male model Eric Kripke with Ackles and Kripke with Jared Padalki both worked on the popular Supernatural series with Ackles. This connection paved the way for Akel’s children, but his actors still came at the right time when the actor was trying to land the part.

In a recent interview with Collider Kripke, we talked more about Ackles’ casting for the series. When he wrote The Male Soldier in Season 3, Eccles didn’t think about the original version of the character. As is well known, a single phone call from Ackles to discuss unrelated things reveals that he could be a handsome soldier boy. Kripke quickly passed the idea over to Ackles, and it turned out that Ackles was just as impressed that he was being offered as Kripke that he was being brought into the series.

But shaping Ackles isn’t as easy as Kripke offers him the role. Kripke also has to check his head in the studio, and not everyone is familiar with Supernatural and Ackles’ other works. Fortunately, Ackles was ready for the call and wrote him the bills to complete the job. Soldier Boy’s cast should be adequate to impress this character in Season 3. Kripke knows he’s the perfect actor, partly due to Acres’ diversity. He has personally witnessed what Acres has done at the table and is confident that the actor can accept the child soldier, a character who in some situations must be attractive and intimidating.

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