The Gray Man Film Review 2022

Ryan Gosling may not (yet) be a hero, but he’s closer than ever in Netflix’s high-budget summer blockbuster “The Gray Man.” by the directors of “Avengers: Endgame” Anthony and Joe Russo. . It is understandable why Gosling would have signed and Netflix would have opened not only his stock market, but all of his banks for the Russians to adapt Mark Greaney’s book, with the aim of starting a new mega-franchise. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that Netflix has little creative control over projects like this, letting creators take their money and not focus on what they offer. After all, it depends on the algorithm, right? People will be watching “The Gray Man” by the millions. A few days later, they sound very big and unforgettable. If this is the beginning of the title, but almost, expect “The Gray” to see its meaning in future installments.

The “La La Land” and “Drive” star plays a spy named Sierra Six (“007 Taken”), who was arrested by businessman Donald Fitzroy (Billy Bob Thornton). After a brief trap, “The Gray Man” arrives at their hub on a bad mission when the six are assigned a new boss named Denny Carmichael (Regé-Jean Page) to take down a target. You are mine. secret service. The dying man tells Six that Denny is evil before giving her a message to prove it. Our strong hero runs immediately before he can develop the character of him as a movie star. This type of space protagonist is good for a strong movie, especially a movie like the one titled “John Wick”, but not as strong as a production. The film adopts Ethan Hunt, a man previously described by the cliché that he won’t kill children and who has a past. (In fact, it’s hard to list five of this hero’s characters in two hours. Not exactly a good sign.) While Six is ​​filming, Carmichael calls Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans), a former CIA mercenary who now works privately. industry, where there are few rules on things like torture and a deaf mustache. Hansen will do anything to get his attention, including the kidnapping of Fitzroy’s daughter Claire (Julia Butters).

In fact, Six is ​​related to Claire, who spied on him a few years ago. He is a spy who wants children to live, which separates him from a sociopath like Hansen. Meanwhile, another spy named Dani Miranda (Ana de Armas) joins the six in their quest for freedom. and pay less attention to her than to her male colleagues, believe it or not. But it was only two hours. Good boy, bad boy, woman in between, children in danger, things move on. Some actions in the sequel, most notably the madwoman in the square, can be very effective, but most of the film is shot at night, which also eliminates a significant presence. In fact, anyone who thinks the low palette of “Ozark” is the right light for most action movies should go to the movies. “The Gray Man” should be very happy if he wants to be Fast & Furious or the Bourne franchise, but unlike the essay Evans, everything here is boring in the process of the event. It’s silly popcorn entertainment when you always forget that this kind of activity is supposed to be fun.

Part of the problem is that Evans was never built as an interesting threat. In fact, he seems to be terrible at work: the clerk says that the survival of the property is terrible, he makes mistakes and teaches the school what not to do. It’s not a battle of wits like a good spy against a crazy spy. What is missing in developing the idea that Gosling is an old spy and Evans is the terrifying power of modern maniacs whose plans seem to make the most of, but the story of Joe Russo, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely comes to a close. he tries to sell our Hansen as an unstable genius but there is no evidence of this. Like much of the first entertainment shows in the streaming world, “The Gray Man” appears to be afraid of taking real risks. There are many articles written on algorithms and models that seem to make more creative decisions than real people. When will a company like Netflix put $ 200 million into a movie and release “John Wick”, “Mission: Impossible”, “Mad Max: Fury Road” or even “Fast Five”? It can take a real hero. In theaters today and on Netflix on Friday 22 July.

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