The greatness that Coco Gauff had expected since childhood, to play - and win

junior events. The young Florian, of course, reached his first grand slam final at the French Open at age 18.

After Gauff saw up close what it meant to be the main champion in Saturday's 6-1, 6-3 loss

to Iga Swiatek at the top of Roland Garros, he was not satisfied with the result, yes,

but he also decided to continue. try, keep going and even get ready for the next one.

Because Gauff is sure he will be another time.

"I feel that during my career, and even in juniors, there was a reason why I was so successful 

at the beginning that I saw this level and then I came back and trained and tried to get to this level

Now that I've seen the level - this level No. 1 and 35 games (I won in the Swiatek series), I knew what I had to do,

"said Gauff. "I'm sure I'll play with him in the next final and hopefully the result will be different."