Beyoncé reports new album 'Renaissance' will be out the following month

Beyoncé gave her fans exciting news all night and announced that her next album "Renaissance" would debut on July 29.

This is Beyoncé's seventh studio album as a solo artist. It contains 16 songs and 

16 songs and appears to be a double album, as the tweet described "Renaissance" as "Act I".

Last week, eagle-eyed fans spotted the 40-year-old singer’s social media platforms had been wiped 

clean after her profile pictures were removed from her YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and 

TikTok pages, indicating that she was gearing up to announce a new era.

The 28-year-old Grammy winner told Harper's Bazaar last year that new music was on the way when he said, 

"I feel like the Renaissance is coming," which is, of course, a sign of the album's title.