Brittney Griner: WNBA star's Russia detention extended for a third time

The arrest of American footballer Brittney Griner in Russia has been suspended until July 2

due to a request from investigators, Russia's TASS news agency announced on Tuesday.

The WNBA star was arrested seven times at a Moscow airport on February 17 after an investigation

into his alleged bag exposed several cans of cannabis oil. He faces up to 10 years in prison.

The state department is aware that Russia extended its detention prior to its trial through the media,

department spokesman Ned Price said Tuesday at a press conference and reiterated calls for his release.

"Brittney Griner should not be detained," Price said. "She should not be detained for a single day longer.

"We are in constant contact regarding her case. We are in constant contact with her team and her network...

We continue to press for regular, continued access to all American detainees.