Court ‘Cannot Locate’ Actor Amid Grooming and Abuse Allegations

The parents of an 18-year-old North Dakota teenager have been ordered to defend themselves against Ezra Miller,

but law enforcement is working hard to find an actor to serve him. The lawsuit alleges Miller, 29,

was charged with "physical and emotional abuse" and aggravated assault.

In a complaint filed at the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court in North Dakota on Tuesday, Chase Iron Eyes attorney and his wife Sara

Jumping Eagle sought legal protection for their son Tokata Iron Eyes. . A court report published in the Times on Thursday states that 

the Justice League actor was accused of "altering, imagining and intimidating the body and putting the safety and well-being of the Tokata Iron Eyes."

According to the complaint, the race judge upheld the temporary injunction on Tuesday, but "the court could not find or serve" Miller, 

the Los Angeles Times reported. Chase Iron Eyes told The Times on Thursday that he and the court "have no idea where Tokata and Ezra can get help from other authorities" ..