Jimmy Butler had 47 playoff points, 9 rebounds, 8 assists and 4 wins for the Miami Heat and a 111: 103 victory over the Boston 

Celtics on Friday night in three games of the Eastern Conference Finals, becoming the best player.

Butler has won just 27 of his last three games and won six. He made 16 of 29 attempts from the field (including 4 of 8 by 3 points) 

and all 11 were free. He tried twice in a row to reach 40 points, which would be the fourth point after that time.

Kyle Lowry has 18 assists and 10 assists before the heat is removed. Max Strauss scored thirteen points in BJ. Tucker added eleven

chapters. Jason Tatum brought in 30 points and nine rebounds, Derek White added 22 points and Jalen Brown added 20 points for 

Boston. Marcus Smart scored 14 goals and Robert Williams scored 12 goals for the Celtics.

Game 7 takes place Sunday night in Miami. Butler turned in 3 rings to give Miami a 102-99, 2-06 lead. Tucker made three of four

free throws in 20 seconds, following six points in the remaining 1:25. High Butler gave him another six points in 43.9 seconds plus

the heat drove him away.