Johnny Depp is in the game Full-Circle Meme Wurden

Johnny Depp is TikTok. And TikTok is Johnny Depp. Now, after posting thanks to his fandom, his new 

account has more than 12 million followers. If the actor's blasphemy against Amber Heard Depp's ex-wife

turns into a meme, then his platform phenomenon, which brings him from Hollywood fame to the influence of 

social networks, is the inevitable last game of the world, where everyone is satisfied.

The characters the actor played - especially Caribbean Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow - became memes for

their uniqueness, but the actor himself has already been introduced to the world of his larger life characters.

"Depp's participation in TikTok is interesting because I'm not convinced it will take place before the test or if

the platform has less influence on content creation and opinion formation," said Rebecca Williams,

associate professor of media public and participatory culture at the university. South Wales.