Liverpool haven't won since March, winning just three straight and two home games, but will face Real Madrid in 

the Champions League final on Saturday to end the season. They behave like most men.

They have spent the last four seasons in the last four of the season and believe there could be a double

disappointment when they beat Manchester City by just one point on the final matchday.

The situation could not be different for Real. They started the season with low expectations but ended up with a 

name in LaLize and when the war heroes failed they finally came back and became kings of Europe. So with 

Liverpool's favorite writer losing and having fewer games in all competitions than Real Madrid itself in the 

Champions League, it looks like he's putting more pressure on the Reds to win the trophy at the Stade de 

France. Real have experienced a dream season that started almost unnoticed and that will end up doubling the 

Champions League thanks to Karim Benzema's impressive season.