As the Celtics prepare for a game that could take them to the NBA Finals or the end of the season,

the good news is that they are already in. Marcus Smart (broken right knee) and Robert Williams (painful left knee) 

are available for final competition on Sunday.

Williams recorded 26:21 of the season in 6 games, recording 12 points and two blocks. In the third minute,

he overcame Boston in the top ten. But it does not play out in the last days. On Saturday, Ime Udoka explained its decision.

As for Smart, the Celtics land 4/15 (26.7%) out of the box overall, including 1/9 (11.1%) from the arc,

ending in the top four. Boston still needs him in Game 7 and will help him if he forces himself to run faster than he did on Friday.

On the other side of the fray, after missing the last three games with neck pain,

Tyler Herro is expected to return to the Heat for Game 7.