One Piece: Red beats Japanese movies in August and the long-awaited return of Red Haired Shanks as his

daughter, The Last Wonder, Uta. While questions about when the news will be released are still pending, the 

new stamp leaves Grand Line supporters wondering if Luffy's latest change, Gear Fifth, could be part of the

process. fifteen movies in series. Ichiro Oda.

If you are unfamiliar with the power of Gear Fifth, Luffy can gain this new transformation by fighting the

leader of the Beasts Pirates and helping him win the War For Wano. After discovering that the first seed of

the Devil was the seed of Luffy was actually the seed of the Legendary Son, who gave him the authority of

Sun God Nyka, the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates had a dramatic change that caused him to change. and 

cartoon. this thing. . Tire throw your enemies and even draw lightning from the sky. Since Luffy and Kaido...