pleasure p net worth 2022

Pleasure P is an American R&B singer and songwriter with a net worth of $ 2 million.

pleasure p was born on Dec 27, 1984 (37 years old) in United States of America.

Pleasure P Net Worth is $2 Million.

Pleasure P gained its net worth through membership in the popular band Pretty Ricky and a successful solo career.

Pleasure P was born on December 27, 1984 in Carver Ranches, West Park, Florida.

Pleasure P was nominated for three Grammy Awards in 2010 and is now a solo artist signed with E1 Music.

Pleasure P has been a member of the American R&B / hip-hop group Pretty Ricky since 1997, until he left in 2007 to pursue a solo career.

The group hails from Miami, Florida and the four original members are brothers.