Scottie Pippen Net Worth

Scottie Pippen is a former US professional basketball player with a net worth of $ 20 million.

Scottie Pippen was born on Sep 25, 1965 (56 years old) in United States of America.

Scottie Pippen Net Worth is $20 Million.

Scottie played in the NBA for 17 seasons. At the time, he was making only $ 109 million. He received ten million more from banknotes.

Scottie Pippen played nine seasons for the Chicago Bulls. He earned six Bulls titles in the NBA and their 1995-96 season record of 72 wins.

In 1994, he was an NBA All-Star seven times as the NBA All-Star Game MVP. In 1996-97, he was named one of the 50 most famous players

in NBA history and one of four players with his jersey who left the Chicago Bulls.