Tame Impala proclaims 'Lonerism' or the 10th anniversary of the Desert Daze

Tame Impala has released music for this year's Desert Daze Festival to commemorate the tenth anniversary of their second album "Lonerism".

Psych rock stars will make their 2012 album at the California Festival, which runs from September 30 to October 2 and celebrates its tenth anniversary.

Lines have been announced for other festivals, with Iggy Pop and King Gizzard working with Lizard and Tame Impala as the main

characters. In addition to the sticker, Perfume Genius, Sleaford Mods, Sky Ferreira,

Aldous Harding and JPEGMAFIA will also speak.

We will see Tame Impala return to the festival after an unexpected break scheduled for 2018. The crew appeared on stage with three

tracks set up by Australian musicians to announce that the violence had stopped due to the heavy rains and told the players to flee.

Tame Impala is currently performing at various music festivals. Earlier this month.