The Lehman Trilogy, winner of five Tony Awards,sets West End returns

After Tony’s Best Game, Best Director, Best Landscaping, Best Lighting and Best Actress in the Game for the likes of Simon Russell 

Beale, trilogy Lehman returns to West End in January 2023. Announcement dates, casts and more later. .

The Lehman Trilogy, edited by Ben Power through the work of Stefan Massini, was distributed in Lehman's genealogy for almost two

centuries, after the arrival of the Mayer, Emanuel and Henry Lehman brothers in New York in 1844. He answer his name. 

"This game is written as a New York City musical," Power said in a Tony Award reception.

"Finding myself tonight at this time, being part of this city and others looking for such art feels like a miracle."

Massini's Lehman Trilogy world premiere began at the Piccolo Theater in Milan in 2015. Power Neal Street Productions was

commissioned to produce a new version of the play by English translation written by Mirelly Cheeseman. The production opened in

July 2018 at the National Theater for its North American debut at Park Avenue Armory in April 2019.