While there are many ways to cover NBA broadcasts, many veterans are trying the art of talking well about 

basketball, as opposed to playing and spewing what they want in post-match interviews. . Si J.J. Redick is a 

new star in the industry and CJ McCollum also seems to have a bright future.

Then there’s the curious case of Draymond Green, who’s self-titled podcast has dropped a new episode after each game of the NBA

Finals. I listened to it so you don’t have to waste 21 minutes of your life. The latest after Golden State’s Game 4 is a doozy. Green's

confidence in the Warriors 107-97 victory is expected to be biased, but not in every way you think.

The former Michigan fixture knows what his team can do without Steph Curry. He also praised the achievements of Andrew Wiggins. 

Green's pure regurgitation of what happened at TD Garden stopped there. He sits in the most critical phase of the game,

the most important league on his team of the season. That's a big problem, not shrugging like Green plays.