Cincinnati Reds outfielder Tommy Pham scored three goals in Friday's game when he defeated San Francisco

Giants outfielder Joca Pederson, Major League Baseball announced on Saturday. Pham's dismissal was back on Friday night.

In addition to misunderstandings in the fantasy football league, Pham said Pederson said something

 "respectful" about his former Padres team in a text message. After Friday's game, Pederson confirmed that

he had sent Pham to another poison in a text message that "was fun and funny."

"This is about my old team. I do not like and I like sketchy shit acting in fantasy," Pham said on Saturday.

"We have big money at risk, so it seems to have code. You cheated my money and then in my honor I said, 'That's code."

This happened during a batting match shortly before Cincinnati defeated American Park 5-1.

Fam said, "I said I have not forgotten. I went to him and punched him."

Based on Fam, Fam and Pederson will play in the Fantasy Football League in 2021. Pederson said on Friday that he

accused Fam of cheating on him by hiding the player from me.